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Lady Killigrew's Emporia

Handmade Skincare, Tattoo Care, Soaps & More... Inspired by the 16th century Pirate herself...

What's in the Treasure Chest?

Lady Killigrew's Emporia is inspired by this lady, Mary Wolverston, also known as, Lady Killigrew.

Why Lady Killigrew?

We love history and our beautiful county of Cornwall is lovingly smothered in it, with it's scenery, caves, mining tunnels and a whole lot more.

Falmouth has it's own stories to tell and one of those stories has inspired us to be strong, independent business women, but without luring ship captains on land and helping ourselves to what's onboard.

Lady Killigrew's story is one of love, family, independence, royalty and a brush or two with death.

What do we offer?

Image by Evelyn Alder

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